Outback Queensland is a land of inspiring stories, where you feel a special connection with the history of our country, the spirit of our nation and what it means to be Australian.

It’s a connection you can’t help but make out there in the vast landscape, star gazing at a crystal clear night sky, sitting ringside at a rodeo, camping on the edge of the desert, or chatting to the locals at any old pub.

There’s so much to discover out here, always something new and unexpected.

Like seeing the expansive view of yesterday appear in whole other light as dawn brings a new day, or catching a flicker in your eye and finding a tiny chip of opal glinting in the sun. Simple things, yet moments never forgotten.

Once you get to know this place, wherever you choose to go, it will get under your skin, hit you in the guts and knock your dusty socks off as you realise this is what Australia is all about. And you might just learn a few things about yourself, too.

So go on, get out there, let it touch your heart and soul and live Australia’s story in Outback Queensland. 

Heritage and Culture

Each town has a tale to tell, and the locals will only be too happy to tell you all about it! Immerse yourself in the Outback way of life. Read more →


Outback Queensland was once part of an ancient inland sea: a rich aquatic wonderland filled with marine life. Read more →

Outback Adventures

If getting back to nature, exploring the great outdoors and connecting with our amazing country and its people are what you're looking for, then Outback Queensland is for you! Read more →

Timeless Landscape and Endless Sky

The landscapes are like no other, from red deserts to luscious waterholes, all waiting to be explored. Read more →